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Waste Water Solutions

Polyurea coatings & liners are the state-of-the-art technology for the demanding environments and chemical exposure that occur in wastewater and water utilities. These high performance thick film industrial coatings and linings provide durable, waterproof, seamless, impermeable, and abrasion-resistant barriers against a variety of liquids and chemicals.

FSS45DC dark

VersaFlex FSS 45DC Aromatic Spray Polyurea

FSS 45DC is a fast set, rapid gelling, 100% solids, flexible, two- component polyurea elastomer spray coating material.

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FSS50DM dark

VersaFlex FSS 50DM Aromatic Spray Polyurea

VersaFlex FSS 50DM is a superior metal coating material designed specifically for industrial applications receiving constant or intermittent attack from contained materials, most corrosive substrates and abrasive action..

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