Fracture Repair & Containment Coating

The repair of random cracks and application of a coating in a secondary containment area was a major concern at this airplane manufacturing plant. Due to the limited shutdown time and low October temperatures most conventional coating systems were ruled out.

VersaFlex rapid curing polyurea sealants and coatings were specified and successfully installed. The random cracks were ground out and filled with VersaFlex SLl 75, which took less than I hour to cure.

Aqualok concrete sealer and primer was then installed to inssure proper bonding.

versa micro VersaFlex FSS 45 DC-F polyurea spray, with a 5 second gel time, was applied at a film thickness of 65mils.

The entire project was completed from start to finish in just 4days, which was half the time it would have taken using a conventional coating system.

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Case Study Summary Info

  • Project: Major fracture repair and secondary concrete containment coating
  • Owner: A major airplane manufacturing company, Wichita, Kansas
  • Specified: Company Facility Engineering Division
  • Contractor: Doyle, Reed Painting Company
  • Coating System: VersaFlex SU75 for crack repair and FSS 45DC-F Polyurea
  • Project Scope: Approximately 6,500 S.F.
  • Installation: October, 1995