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Health & Safety

Induracoat recognizes the need for strict Safety Standards.

Quality Assurance, Safety & Environmental policies, plans and procedures ensure safety comes first!

At Induracoat, we are proud of our corporate culture of Safety Leadership and Environmental Stewardship.  We encourage and practice safe, healthy, and environmentally sound practices.

avetta logo formerly picsWe are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace by maintaining our Avetta Certification (formerly PICS Auditing), and providing the on-going information, training and supervision required to sustain an accident free environment. We have high corporate safety expectations and expect our clients, project partners, and subcontractors to share this important value.  We believe that injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented and health and safety of people is our priority.  Senior management provides strong and visible management to ensure our workforce is carefully selected and trained, and their skills and performance are assessed on a regular basis.

We take a proactive approach by regularly conducting meetings, providing communications, maintaining strict hazard recognition and controls, and regularly conducting audits of our operations and equipment.

Induracoat works hard to ensure that the environmental impact of our operations is limited as much as possible and strives to reduce the use of the Earths non-renewable resources whenever and wherever possible.

Our goal is:

 ZERO injuries, ZERO property damage, and ZERO environmental impact.