Spray Polyurethane Foam

Spray Polyurethane Foam, commonly known as SPF, is derived from the reaction of an isocyanate component and a polyol resin component.

Canadian Induracoat Corporation
 now offers the addition of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam to our core services (SPF Applicator), to enhance our already established extensive general contracting, project management and building envelope experience of our team members, we at Induracoat know how to make the project easy for General Contractors, Developers, Home Builders/Owners, Architects and Engineers.

The Smarter Choice

Spray foam insulation forms the tightest, healthiest, and most energy-efficient thermal envelope in today’s construction and remodeling projects.


Not only is spray foam insulation completely safe to use inside your home or business, it’s a healthier alternative to traditional insulation. SPF helps keep pollutants and allergens out, and improves air quality indoors.


Spray foam insulation’s blocks tiny pollen, dust and pollution particles from entering your home, protecting your family and ensuring cleaner air.


Spray foam insulation is affordable to install, plus it delivers immediate monthly savings in heating and cooling costs and increases the value of your home. SPF pays for itself in energy savings in just a few years.


Spray foam insulation’s tight seal will dramatically reduce your home’s energy consumption—and that’s the most environmentally friendly thing any of us can do.

Products Used

Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus

Protect Your Great Indoors
To create an energy efficient structure you need to control the air movement within. Roughly one third of the air inside a structure infiltrates through the walls, ceilings and floors. A structure that leaks is not energy efficient. Adding an advanced insulation system like Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus will help you control the air leakage. When properly installed by a certified contractor Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus will quickly expand to fill those common air infiltration areas like cracks, crevices, gaps and voids that exist in every structure. In addition Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus will conform to the curves, irregular surfaces and spaces to form a superior thermal envelope around your entire structure.

Typical r-value tests will measure only one component of the heat transfer process – Conduction (transfer of heat by direct contact). R-value alone does not properly refl ect the insulating power of spray foam. When you combine the R-value of Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus along with its low air infi ltration properties you can achieve a thermal envelope that is superior to traditional forms of insulation.

What is the major reason you invest in a superior insulation system like Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus? To reduce heating and cooling costs! A properly installed Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus insulation system will generate longterm savings of up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs.

Download the Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus Brochure

Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus

Protect Your Great Indoors
What is the major reason you invest in a superior insulation system like Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus? To reduce heating and cooling costs! A properly installed Foamsulate™ 50 Eplus insulation system will generate longterm savings of up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs.


Superior Performance and Value

Foamsulate™ ECO has achieved Type 2 status. This is Canada’s classification for spray foams who meet the highest criteria for long term thermal resistance (LTTR). Because Foamsulate™ ECO has a very high LTTR, less material may be required to achieve a specified insulation value.

• Spray foam reduces energy bills by up to 40%.
• Spray foam has a higher R-value and better performance than traditional insulation because it stops air leaks that can reduce R-values by 25-40%.
Foamsulate™ ECO expands and fills every space and crack preventing conditioned air from leaking out.

The superior insulation properties of closed cell spray foam make it ideal for residential, manufacturing plants, factories and industrial park structures that depend on low-maintenance, energy-eŽfficient solutions to ensure profitable operations.

New Construction Remodels & Upgrades
Used throughout a new structure, closed cell Foamsulate products create the tightest thermal envelope around the entire building for reduced heating and cooling costs, improved air quality, advanced temperature control, and stronger structural integrity. Using Foamsulate™ ECO in your residential or commercial remodel brings your building to the highest of today’s standards for sustainability, energy efficiency, structural integrity and air quality, plus you’ll realize immediate monthly savings in energy costs.

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EcoBay CC CAN 

Protect Your Great Indoors

EcoBay® CC CAN?
Accella’s EcoBay® CC CAN medium density, closed cell spray foam insulation is the newest product offering from Accella™ Polyurethane Systems Canada to meet the strict requirements of the current CAN/ULC-S705.1-15 standard. Teal in colour, this foam stands out in both colour and performance with both a CCMC 13359-L listing and a CAN/ULC-S742 Air Barrier Assembly report.

EcoBay® CC CAN utilizes, zero ozone-depleting substances and is designed for use in commercial and residential construction applications that
involve the National Building Code of Canada. EcoBay® CC CAN must be applied by licensed installers that follow the CAN/ULC S705.2 program.
Accella™ utilizes Caliber Quality Solutions Inc. to administer its Site Quality Assurance Program (SQAP).

EcoBay® CC CAN provides high LTTR insulation value while also meeting requirements as a vapour barrier and air barrier. Other benefits include
reductions in noise, dust, pollen, pest infiltrations and significantly improves on structural racking strength. EcoBay® CC CAN is available in two
reactivities including: Winter and Summer.

For proper use of EcoBay® CC CAN spray
Download the EcoBay Technical Data Sheet

Industries Served

SPF ApplicationSpray foam is a high quality product that is the best insulating material on the market today. It is sprayed in place and expands immediately after being applied, to fill in all voids, gaps, and cracks.

Spray foam insulation meets the latest demand trends for energy-efficiency and green construction. Unsurpassed air barrier and high R-value gives spray foam a distinct advantage over other insulating products, providing homeowner’s financial savings of 40% or more off of their heating and cooling bills.

Wall racking strength also increases to up to three times stronger than with conventional insulation in framed walls and with the restriction in air movement and moisture accumulation, the possibility of mold growth is extremely unlikely.
Spray Foam Benefits
  • Seals and insulates in one step — simplifying the building process
  • Applies seamlessly
  • Uses no fasteners, yet adheres to surfaces
  • Fills hard-to-reach areas
  • May allow you to reduce the size of the HVAC unit
  • Can help qualify for LEED credits and is part of an ENERGYSTAR home
  • Helps comply with applicable building codes
  • Installed by trained, certified contractors
  • Available in both open and closed cell formulations — to meet all your construction needs
Polyurea and SPF appliedInduracoat sprayed-on elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea and hybrid solutions are 100% solids, VOC free and designed for reducing maintenance costs and maximize equipment return on investment. Pinnacle industrial coatings can be sprayed or cast onto virtually any type of equipment and substrate material, regardless of shape, whether new or already in-service.

Typical industrial equipment applications include: Heavy Equipment, Conveyor Belts and Aggregate Chutes, Hopper Bins, Mining Vehicles and Battery Trays, Oil Rigs, Diving Bells, Ship Decks.

All linings can be applied significantly thicker than many other protective coatings in the market – from 1/8″ to multiple inches thick. As a sacrificial layer, our coatings provide superior protection from harsh chemicals and biological environments.
Polyurea Benefits
  • Resists denting and scratching even in high-wear areas
  • Holds shape firmly yet flexible enough to avoid breaking or chipping
  • Leak proof with seamless application
  • Absorbs impact to reduce vibration and noise
  • Bonds permanently and dries in seconds for fast and easy applications
  • Reduces slipping and skidding with textured surface
  • Protects against corrosion and rust from elements or most chemical applications
  • Rapid curing time with no VOC's or off-gassing
SPF for oil and gas applicationWhether the need is for chemical resistance, abrasion resistance or for fast turnaround; Induracoat offers products that provide long-term performance in critical offshore or onshore realm.

Our impermeable linings and coatings are installed to address a wide array of corrosion and safety problems in the oil and gas industry, including spills, fires and leaks that may contaminate the surrounding environment. Able to be sprayed in hard-to-reach places, our geotechnical foam efficiently prevents lateral erosion in pipeline trenches, while our insulation foam helps reduce energy usage in a facility.

From tank linings and insulation to earthen beam protection, Induracoat offers protective coating and spray foam systems that stand up to the most extreme conditions throughout the industry.

 Combined Benefits of Polyurea & Spray Foam

  • Robust application window
  • Abrasion & chemical resistance
  • Proven elongation strength
  • Cold substrates & high humidity
  • Monolithically bonds to surfaces
  • No ozone depleting substances
  • No toxic vapors after application
  • Low odor during application
  • Geotechnical foam has 4" lift in single pass
  • Available in several densities
SPF for roofingFor a flat or commercial roof, there is no better roofing solution than a spray polyurethane foam roofing system. Roofing spray foam conforms to the roofing surface with a strong bond that provides a seamless monolithic system and contains no thermal shorts. It provides a greater insulation factor, an unsurpassed air-barrier, increased structural stability, and requires less time to install. A spray foam roofing system has an effective lifespan that can exceed 30 years and has the lowest lifecycle cost over other conventional roofing systems.

From wall-to-wall spray foam provides a seamless roof install with no mechanical fasteners, providing the building with an unsurpassed air barrier and increased thermal resistance. Spray foam also provides self-flashing around HVAC curbs, vents, and skylights, adding additional protection against moisture and air infiltration..

Compared with other conventional roofing systems, spray foam roofing is as much as 4.5 times more cost effective when comparing total lifecycle costing. It’s simply more energy-efficient, longer lasting, and a better value.
Combined Benefits of Polyurea & Spray Foam
  • Energy-efficient saves up to 40% off of utility bills
  • Reduces summer solar heat gain and winter radiant heat loss
  • Can apply over conventional roof without tear off
  • Easy to apply proper slope to drain
  • Self-flashing
  • Seamless and monolithic – virtually leak proof
  • Unsurpassed air-barrier
  • High, sustainable R-value
  • Eliminates thermal shorts through fasteners
  • Wind uplift and storm resistant
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