AquaVers® 405 Potable Water Spray Polyurea

AquaVers 405

VersaFlex AquaVers 405 is a superior coating material designed specifically for industrial applications receiving constant or intermittent attack from contained materials, subsurface hydrostatic pressure, most corrosive substances and abrasive action. AquaVers 405 is flexible, accomodating to movement of the substrate, yet strong enough to remain intact under all conditions except major structural dislocations. With or without reinforcements, AquaVers 405 may be used in transitional areas with confidence. AquaVers 405 may be used in interior or exterior applications. AquaVers 20 primer and AquaVers 201 aliphatic coating are companion products within our Potable Water Coating package.

Performance Benefits
  • Potable Water Approved in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61.5 Barrier Material
  • Conforms to AWWA D102 ICS#4
  • 100% Solids
  • Meets VOC Regulations
  • Flexible, > 400% Elongation
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Heat of Deflection 250°F, no load
  • Glass Transition Temperatures -85°F and 450°F
  • Generally Suitable for use when pH Ranges from 4-11
  • Good Resistance to a Wide Range of Chemical Attack
  • Non-catalyzed, Non-reactive
  • Low Permeance Rate
  • Seamless Elastomer
  • Remains Flexible in Cold Temperatures
  • Return Project to Service in 60 Minutes
  • Cures From -20°F to 225°F
  • Odorless
  • No Toxic Vapors
  • USDA Approved
Data Sheets & MSDS SPecifications

Case Study Summary Info

  • Gel Time: 15-20 seconds
  • Tack Free: 60-90 seconds
  • Tensile Strength: 2145 psi
  • Tensile Elongation: 400%
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 0.96 - 1.45 kpsi
  • Tear Strength: 405 pli
  • Shore (D) Hardness: 40
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