3M Product Benefits & Infrastructure Overview

Worldwide, 3M helps provide sustainable, economic solutions for maintaining and protecting our critical potable water infrastructure. A recognized leader in research and development, 3M's core strength is applying its more than 40 distinct technology platforms to help solve the wide array of problems affecting our global customers.

potable water pie chartThe 3M Scotchkote brand family of products has over 50 years experience protecting infrastructure around the globe. These products are designed to extend the useful life of critical assets and allow those assets to operate more efficiently throughout their life cycle.

Our range of products are designed to benefit our customers at every stage of the asset life cycle-from OEM coatings applied to new assets, to our latest in situ rehabilitation products that can provide benefits similar to new pipe without the high cost and social impact associated with excavation and replacement. The time and cost advantages provided by rehabilitation can allow water providers to address more of their issues in a single construction season, thus closing the gap a little more each year.

3M's Scotchkote Pipe Renewal Liner 2400 helps provide a cost effective solution to many of the problems common to potable water distribution systems. Its unique properties, combined with a trenchless spin cast application process, can efficiently coat the existing infrastructure-restoring internal pipe diameters, increasing flow, improving efficiency, minimizing water loss and helping to prevent additional corrosion and build up of scale and tuberculation. At prescribed lining thickness (caliper) and bury depths, Scotchkote Liner 2400 is projected to meet the material properties of ASTM F1216-09 after 50 years.

Scotchkote Liner 2400 offers a 10 minute set time and 60 minute cure followed by a 30 minute flush. The ability to reinstate a water main within 90 minutes of lining allows for same day return to service-reducing total cost, shortening construction schedules and minimizing disruptions to water customers, traffic and local businesses.

Performance Benefits

1NSF/ANSI-61 certified polyurea formulation is 100% solids and contains no epoxy resin
- BPA Free
- Product contains no VOCs or solvents
- Scotchkote Liner 2400 has an installed material carbon footprint up to 75% lower than replacement pipe

2Scotchkote Liner 2400 is designed to help solve a wide variety of problems common to potable water systems
- Can be applied in 4"(100mm) to 24" (610mm) water mains
 - Can be applied on Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, and CML lined pipe
 - Can be applied in at 1.2mm water quality coating up to 8.5mm structural lining in a single pass, utilizing the same product and application equipment
 - The coating thickness can be varied to address specific diameters and types of deterioration within the same project to help eliminate waste and to help maximize budgets

3Scotchkote Liner 2400 utilizes a trenchless spin cast application method
- Infrastructure owners can eliminate up to 90% of the excavation, fill, and repaving costs associated with full replacement
 - The process has minimal impact on the local business, traffic flow and pedestrians
 - Application equipment typically allows for a single lane of traffic to be open during the application process.
 - The equipment can be easily demobilized at the end of each day to restore normal traffic flow.
 - Lining projects are divided into individual segments allowing the minimum number of customers to be affected at any one time
 - The lining process restores original internal pipe diameter increasing flows and efficiency
 - The internal lining helps prevent the return of tuberculation

4Lined sections can be returned to service 90 minutes after lining
- Sections can be cleaned and lined in a single day minimizing traffic disruptions, impact on business and inconvenience to customers
 - Where possible this product can eliminate the need for bypass piping, reducing total project costs by as much as 40%

5Scotchkote Liner 2400 is classified as an AWWA M-28 class IV fully structural lining
- At prescribed calipers and bury depths, Scotchkote Liner 2400 is projected to meet material properties of ASTM F1216-09 after 50 years
 - 3M used the following test methods to validate: ASTM 0638-08, ASTM 0790-07, ASTM 02990-08 and ASTM 01599-99
 - Helps repair cracks, leaks, pin holes and corrosion pitting without replacing the pipe
 - Helps reduce water loss and improves operation efficiency

6Scotchkote Liner 2400 is applied exclusively by 3M Authorized Applicators
- 3M's Materials and Methods Training Program
 - Application equipment is specified and prequalified by 3M
 - Authorized applicators are required to follow a specified inspection and documentation program: 
   (Program includes equipment records, lining records and pre and post inspection records)