VersaFlex FSS 45DC Aromatic Spray Polyurea

FSS45DCVersaFlex FSS 45DC is a fast set, rapid gelling, 100% solids, flexible, two- component polyurea elastomer spray coating material. FSS 45DC is used by itself or in combination with other materials to produce coatings, liners, wearing courses, and resilient surfaces on concrete and other substrates.

FSS 45DC produces an extremely tough film at all thicknesses. FSS 45DC may be applied in all positions and to any properly prepared substrate. 

FSS 45DC is inert, it will not hydrolyze, leach, or contaminate other materials, and is bondable and paintable. FSS 45DC is relatively moisture and temperature insensitive, allowing application in the most problematic ambient conditions.

Applications & Uses

VersaFlex FSS 45DC is a superior coating material designed specifically for industrial applications receiving constant or intermittent attack from contained materials, subsurface hydrostatic pressure, most corrosive substances, and abrasive action. FSS 45DC is flexible, accommodating to movement of the substrate, yet strong enough to remain intact under all conditions except major structural dislocations.

With or without reinforcements, FSS 45DC may be used in transitional areas with confidence. FSS 45DC may be used in interior or exterior applications.

Ideal for Applications in
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Parking Garage Decks
  • Below Grade Waterproofing
  • Above Grade Dampproofing
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Bottling & Canning Facilities
  • Walkways & Balconies
  • Secondary Containment
Performance Benefits:
  • 100% Solids
  • No VOC's
  • Odorless, No Toxic Vapors
  • Tough Elastomeric Membrane 
  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Low Permeance Rate
  • Good Resistance to a Wide Range of Chemical Attack
  • USDA Approved
  • Operating Temperatures -40°F to 350°F
Data Sheets & MSDS Specifications

Case Study Summary Info

  • VOC's: Zero
  • Solids Content: 100%
  • Gel Time: 20-30 seconds
  • Tack Free: 90 seconds
  • Tensile Strength: 1950-2350 psi
  • Tensile Elongation: 450-520 %
  • Tear Strength: 430 pli, Die C
  • Shore (D) Hardness: 45 D
  • Taber Abrasion: 180 mg